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Scientific Name: Eclipta prostrata (Eclipta alba – old)

Hindi & Sanskrit: Bhringaraj

English: False daisy

Tamil: Karisalankanni

Ever noticed those little daisies among the weeds? A small herbaceous plant with flowers that look like tiny replicas of the white daisies and asters. With a white and green centre and hairy white little petals closely arranged. If yes, you are looking at the best ever medicine in Ayurved for growing good hair. Commonly called in English as false daisy, Bhringaraj or Eclipta prostrata is considered to be an all in one solution for hairfall, hair growth as well as for a good black colour and texture for hair. Wherever the moms know it, they make special oils for daughters by cooking coconut oil with a paste of bhringaraj leaves, for good hair growth. Bhringaraj is a commonly used ingredient in commercial ayurvedic hair oils as well. But the plant is such a common plant that anybody who has the slightest interest in plants would not miss those tiny little white flowers that grow among weeds in moist places. The plant flourishes at places which are always moist – near paddy fields, drains, and in kitchen backyards at portions which never dry up. Sometimes in well-watered lawns too, like in the little lawn behind Jyoti Sadan, NHPC. The plant belongs to the sunflower family Asteraceae and is a herbaceous perennial.


Medicinal value:

Bhringaraj is classically known for its strengthening and rejuvenating actions upon the scalp and within the hair follicles. Polypeptides present in bhringaraj have demonstrated hypotensive properties, but also strong anti-inflammatory activity throughout the body, including the skin. In the liver, bhringaraj has demonstrated the ability to regulate the production of hepatic enzymes. It is a strong hepato-protective, supporting the correct balance of liver enzymes, ensuring efficient and effective liver metabolism.


-Anitha Joy , Sr. Manager (Environment)

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