Photograph is from “Pakshi Vihar” established at Indirasagar Power Station, NHDC LTD (A Joint Venture of NHPC LTD and Govt. Of Madhya Pradesh).  This area in outer part of project colony was isolated and neglected as such, it was selected by Project Environment Division as site for “Pakshi Vihar”.  Various fruit bearing trees for example Gular, Jamun, Achar, Badam, Kadamb etc were planted with a planning to attract various native as well as migratory birds at this site. A small pond was constructed to attract birds as well as “pakshi Pyau” (hanging mud pots) were placed at various places and hanged over branches of trees for their drinking water facility. Provision are made to place various kind of grains such as Rice, Wheat, Bajra, Jwar etc every morning at Pakshi Vihar site. These efforts started attracting variety of birds at this site and many of them started preparing nests at around surrounding areas. To encourage bird nesting at “Pakshi Vihar Site” attractive manmade nests have also been prepared with help of waterproof plywood. These nests were placed over many trees at pakshi vihar. It is encouraging that most to the manmade nests are now occupied by various kind of birds and the site has started attracting lot of visitors for birdwatching. This project has attracted media and social-media, also this afforts have been appreciate by Forest Department and MP Pollutuon Control Board.